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Nature - Hand Account Sticker Material

Nature - Hand Account Sticker Material

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Product information:
Shape: irregular shape
Model: Transparent Flower + Mushroom
Use glue type: transparent material
Long-term temperature resistance: 110 (degree Celsius)
Color: Plant-Pink BERRY LOVE 40pcs/pack, Flower-Blue FRAGRANT MAEMORY 40pcs/pack, Mushroom-Green MUSHROOM LOVE 40pcs/pack, Fern-Yellow TREES SHADE 40pcs/pack, Transparent Flower TAWANY, Transparent Flower PINK , Transparent Flower VIOLET, Transparent Flower SWEET, Transparent Flower TULIP, Transparent Flower VIGOUR
Size: 90mm*105mm*1mm

Packing list:

Plastic sticker x1PACK

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